Turtle Observation Deck

Board member Peter Lindeman has amassed considerable knowledge of the turtles living in Presque Isle Bay and the surrounding waters. Peter had an idea for an educational venue to be built near the lagoons on Presque Isle. With financial and volunteer assistance from GE, the Turtle Observation Deck at Graveyard Pond was completed in 2012. The deck includes two viewing scopes for visitors, one of them being wheelchair accessible. There is also an educational panel describing the species of turtles that inhabit the nearby waters. A log anchored in the lagoon insures a view of turtles as they line the log to sun themselves. The deck also is used by DCNR for educational purposes.


Count the turtles

On any given sunny summer day, it's not uncommon to see 50+ turtles sunbathing on the logs near the Turtle Observation Deck. Be sure to keep your distance.