Lifeguard Stations

If you found yourself at beaches 6 or 11 over the summer, you likely saw the new lifeguard stations overlooking Lake Erie. The stations are a welcome addition for not only the lifeguards, but for beachgoers as well. We recently caught up with Steve Dunsmore and Bob North, DCNR Lifeguard Managers, to hear their feedback on the new stations.

Dunsmore and North shared that the stations are a huge improvement over the existing, and still used, lifeguard chairs. Their size offers better shelter during inclement weather and improved shade protection during those extra sunny days. The stations offer extra room, both inside and out, allowing for on-site equipment storage and better viewing areas with more angles on swimmers. The stations are visually appealing, and the oversized red numbers serve as an easy identifier for beachgoers to know which beach they’re visiting. Lastly, the stations are natural markers for designated swim areas, and they make for a welcoming place to provide useful information and administer first aid when needed.

On behalf of the millions who retreated to our beaches this summer, thanks again to Frontier General Contracting, Seaway Windows, Gene Davis Sales & Services, Advanced Finishing USA and our loyal donors for bringing this project to life.