Educational Panels

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The Perry Monument Project was undertaken by the Presque Isle Partnership in 2001 to inform Presque Isle visitors of the fascinating story behind Perry Monument.

Park visitors are encouraged to stop at the monument and take the time to read the series of educational kiosks located throughout the area. You will come away with an appreciation for the significant role that Presque Isle played in the War of 1812, including an understanding of why the waterway near the monument is named Misery Bay, as well as a wide variety of other fascinating historical tidbits.

This eighteen month project was completed in June 2002 through the efforts of the Presque Isle Partnership and the diligence of the Presque Isle Staff Park staff responsible for the research associated with the project.

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The Partnership also installed a kiosk with educational panels at the Presque Isle Lighthouse.  This kiosk educates visitors on the construction and the history of the structure which was built in 1872.