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Ways to Give Back to Your Park


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A Positive Impact

Since the founding of the Partnership in 1994, the Park has had an advocate to ensure that if you fish, rollerblade, kayak, run, walk, bike, bird watch, swim or sunbathe on one of its beautiful beaches, this unique treasure will not be taken for granted. Start giving back to your park today and become Presque Isle PARTNER: JOIN NOW!


Your Support Matters

When you support the Partnership – not only are you helping to conserve a very diverse environment – you’re helping to assure things like public areas, public safety, historical sites, concerts, festivals, athletic events and educational programs will continue to enhance the ways in which we enjoy our area’s greatest natural gift.


Your Gift Stays Here

100% of your tax deductible contribution stays here at Presque Isle. Funds are put towards worthwhile projects and programs that conserve and enhance this precious resource while creating lasting experiences.

We thank you in advance for your support. Learn more about your contribution's impact by visiting our PROJECTS PAGE!