Outdoor Stew

The Presque Isle Partnership is proud to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Erie to sponsor Outdoor Stew.

Youth from the Boys & Girls Club of Erie participate in a four day camp that focuses on four principles: 

  • Leave No Trace,
  • I Conserve,
  • Get Outdoors, 
  • Environmental Stewardship.  

The first day, campers learn all about Presque Isle and its rich history, and they spend time exploring the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. The second day, the kids fish, learn how to cook fish, and kayak in the lagoons of Presque Isle. The third and fourth days feature an overnight camping trip on Beach 11.  

The campers hike, learn how to set up camp, sing camp songs, and learn how to clean up camp the next morning. Outdoor Stew concludes with kids taking a walk on the beach, and reflecting on everything they learned.