MyPI 100 Challenge

May 2021 to May 2022

This year we celebrate 100 years of Presque Isle as a Pennsylvania State Park. That’s 100 years of outdoor fun and natural beauty as your very own Presque Isle State Park! And to celebrate PI’s 100 together, we’re launching the MyPI 100 Challenge.

Our challenge invites you to get out to Presque Isle and do the things you love.

Check out the video!

Here’s the challenge:

Step 1 - Decide your challenge

Decide on your personal or group challenge at Presque Isle relating that challenge to the number 100. You could walk, paddle, or bike 100 miles, pick up 100 pieces of trash or find 100 pieces of beach glass. Your challenge is only limited to your imagination and can be done over time and at your own pace.

Step 2 - Sign up and Gear up

Sign up to share with us your personal or group challenge. Then continue to our online store to order your official MyPI 100 Challenge long sleeve t-shirt available in several color options.

Step 3 - Begin your Challenge

Get out to Presque Isle and begin your personal challenge. Remember to always practice outdoor ethics and follow park rules & regulations.

Your support helps us better your park experience through things like improving visitor access, updating playground areas, and hosting special events just to name a few.

Throughout your challenge, use #MyPI100 to mark your achievements and progress. But most importantly: have fun!

Lastly, while this is the MyPI 100 Challenge, don’t feel married to that “100” milestone. We just want you to get outside and enjoy the park as much as you possibly can!

Challenge accepted?

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