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10th Annual BaySwim: One Mile Swim Across Presque Isle Bay



Saturday, June 17, 2017

Swimmer Fade

Welcome to BaySwim X!!!

Start time:  9 AM


START:  Presque Isle State Park, Vista III Boat Launch (directly across from the Stull Center)

FINISH:  Erie Yacht Club, the northeast corner @ the EYC lighthouse



·         No day of registrations will be taken on 6/17.  No transfer of entry spots.  No exceptions.

·         A stand-by wait list has been created.  Should there be cancellations in advance of 6/16, those next on the wait list will be notified.

·         A 2017 BaySwim application was required of all BaySwimmers, to be completed in advance of 6/17/17.  Application was done on-line or via mailed paper app. 

·         All registerd swimmers are required to check in on Saturday at the BaySwim Registration Area. 

·         Check-in location:  Vista III parking lot, Presque Isle State Park.

·         NOTE:  All BaySwimmers will need to bring their own gym bag or backpack, packed with their post-swim clothing / shoes.  Swimmers’ bags/backpacks will be tagged and transported to the BaySwim finish @ EYC.


AT CHECK-IN: All BaySwimmers will:

·         Report to the main registration table where each swimmer will receive a labeled BaySwim  packet containing: numbered 2017 swim cap, a labeled luggage tag and multiple sponsor provided items.

·         Be directed to the next table for specific instructions re swim cap, ID wrist band and luggage tag.

·         Have their wristband put on by a BaySwim volunteer.

·         Take his/her post-swim clothing bag to the volunteers @ the e (EMTA) baggage bus.  (Thebaggage bus will transport all bags to the swim finish @ Erie Yacht Club.)



·         As provided, are required to be worn at all times throughout the BaySwim.  No exceptions!  Swim caps enable all safety personnel to visually sight each swimmer.  ID wristbands provide identification for each swimmer.



·         Parking for all BaySwimmers, families, friends and spectators will be in the Beach 1 parking lots (less than ½ mile west of the BaySwim start).   Beach 1 parking lots are spacious.

·         Shuttle bus service (complimentary service of the e ) will provide a continuous shuttle to transport swimmers and spectators from Beach 1 area to the BaySwim start and, for those who need, back to Beach 1 area.

·         Swimmers may also choose to walk from the Beach 1 lot (a great warm-up!)

·         No BaySwim parking will be permitted @ the Vista III BaySwim staging area.

·         Parking @ the Stull Interpretive Center will be reserved for handicapped parking only.

·         No parking will be permitted along the bay side road immediately west or east of Vista III.

·         Volunteers will be parking along Old Lake Road near the Stull center.

·         Very limited parking is available at the finish at the Erie Yacht Club.  Parking @ EYC is not encouraged.

·         Before the swim, the shuttle bus will run from approximately 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM on PISP.

·         After the swim, the shuttle buses will transport swimmers and spectators from the finish @ EYC back to PISP Beach 1 parking area throughout the morning.

·         Beginning @ 9:45 AM, the return to PISP shuttle will run continuously until all swimmers and spectators are returned to the PISP Beach 1 parking area.

·        Those planning to ride the shuttle need to be @ the designated departure location @ EYC by 11:55 AM. 

·         Everyone...swimmers, families, friends, spectators...are encouraged to take full advantage of the complimentary shuttle bus service.

·         Everyone’s cooperation will be appreciated.



·         Limited clothes changing and restroom facilities will be available @ EYC.

·         Restrooms are located near the finish @ the EYC lighthouse area.

·         Shower facilities are not available.



·         9:30 AM – 11:30 AM, EYC Clubhouse (enter from east door).

·         $8.00 per person, payable that day.

·         Swimmers, volunteers, families, friends, spectators…everyone’s invited!

·         Sponsored by Erie Yacht Club Auxiliary



·         Presque Isle Bay water temperature average for 3rd week in June: low-mid 70’s. 

·         As of 6/917 @ 7 AM, PI Bay water temp:  66.92.  (Source: BayBuoy



·         Conditions will be monitored closely throughout the morning of the BaySwim.

·         Factors that will affect the decision to conduct the BaySwim…or not...include the thunder/lightning, heavy rain or fog (that minimizes visibility), wind/rough water (white caps on the bay!), strong current, etc.

·         Up to a one-hour delay in start time, if needed, is possible.

·         Any changes and complete information will be announced @ PISP Saturday 6/17 morning.


WETSUITS...are optional.  Anyone planning to wear a wetsuit (who has not done so before) is strongly advised to swim in it prior to the BaySwim.  Wetsuits provide a decidedly different feel and experience. NO other flotation devices are permitted.  This means swim fins, paddles, snorkels, etc. are NOT permitted.


LISTENING DEVICES.  Another major safety factor, NO listening devices of any type are permitted to be worn or used by swimmers at anytime throughout the BaySwim. 


ALLEGHENY HEALTH NETWORK / SAINT VINCENT SPORTS MEDICINE will provide a staffed mobile medical unit on-site @ the EYC BaySwim finish. Millcreek Paramedic Service and EmergyCare, as well as West Lake Volunteer Fire Department and Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Department, will also be present and strategically positioned @ the start, on the water and @ the finish.


RADIO COMMUNICATION will be in place throughout the course thanks to the volunteer fire departments, volunteers of the Radio Association of Erie and other safety personnel equipped with marine radios.   


TIME LIMITATIONS.  The BaySwim course will officially close at 11 AM.  If any swimmers are still in the water @ 11 AM, they will be assisted aboard a support boat and taken to the finish @ EYC.


LIFEGUARDS and SAFETY KAYERS will be positioned and moving throughout the BaySwim course.  The purpose of safety kayakers is to guide and help swimmers to stay on-course and to provide assistance as needed.  Swimmers who need assistance should signal they need help, grasp the front or back of a kayak...and never grasp the sides.  At that point they will be assisted as needed. 

Failure to Make Progress.  Should a swimmer fail to make progress for a reasonable amount of time and/or need to leave the course and be taken aboard a support boat at any time, he/she will not be permitted to re-enter the water.  Instead, he/she will be transported to the finish @ EYC.

Presque lifeguards on the course are authorized to make this decision.


ALL BAYSWIM VOLUNTEERS. The BaySwim is a total volunteer effort.  Volunteers are exactly that:  people giving of their own time to help provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Volunteers are not paid. This includes those working at registration, @ the start, on boats, in kayaks, in the water and at the finish...everyone.  It is expected that all participants treat every volunteer with respect.   Beyond that, please offer your thanks for giving their time and for being there.  For that, we thank you!


Erie’s annual BAYSWIM...the one mile swim across Presque Isle intended to be a non-competitive, celebratory, completion event. No official times will be kept

Agenda / Procedures / Additional Information


7:30 - 8:30 AM

1.      All BaySwim entrants: check-in @ the Registration area (Vista III PISP)

2.      Report to the check-in table and pick up your BaySwim packet.

3.      A volunteer will attach the numbered ID wristband to your wrist.

4.      Swim caps provided must be worn from start to finish throughout the BaySwim.

5.      Tie your labeled baggage tag securely to your gym bag or backpack (that you provide), in which you will have packed your post-swim clothing needs. 

6.      Give your bag to the volunteer working @ the baggage bus.  Clothing bags will then be placed on the bus and transported to the finish @ EYC. Each Swimmer is required to provide his/her own gym bag or backpack.


8:30 AM

·         Official welcome and pre-BaySwim meeting.

·         Attendance at this meeting is mandatory for all BaySwimmers, safety kayakers and lifeguard staff.

·         Updated information and final instructions will be given.



·         Walk to swimmer count-in area and swim start holding “corral”.

·         Position yourself in numerical order in the six designated lines:               

                        1-50, 51- 100, 101-150, 151-200, 201-250, 251-300.

·         Swimmers will be individually counted just before they enter the start holding corral…and will be individually counted out as they exit the water @ the finish).

Please follow directions @ the start and wait to be counted in to the swim start “corral”.


9:00 AM – BaySwim Start

·         Standing start, in the water.  An air horn signals will be the GO signal.

·         Swimmers expecting to finish in 20 minutes or less will start first.

·         All other swimmers will seed themselves and…1 min. 30 seconds after the first group starts…on the 2nd air horn signal, will self-start when they are ready.

·         ALL swimmers must start within 60 seconds of the 2nd air horn signal.


9:00 – 11:00 AM – Across the bay…start to finish @ Erie Yacht Club:

·         Anchored boats will line the course from start to finish and will be always be on swimmers’ left.

·         Two colored buoys will mark the start “line”.

·         BaySwim safety kayakers will provide guidance and assistance to swimmers throughout the swim course.

·         “Official” BaySwim safety kayakers are trained and will be recognizable as being part of the BaySwim.

·         For safety reasons, “unofficial” (walk-on) kayakers are not permitted to accompany BaySwimmers across the bay. 

·         Individual BaySwimmers may not have their own support boat (any type of boat or board) accompany them.

·         Lifeguards and related emergency personnel will be positioned throughout the swim course.

·         BaySwim officials reserve the right to have swimmers (as a whole or individually) discontinue the swim if it becomes apparent there is a need.

·         Any swimmer who fails to make progress within a reasonable time will be asked to discontinue the swim and will be assisted aboard a support boat.  Any swimmer that leaves the water will not be permitted to re-enter.

·         BaySwimmers will be warmly welcomed, assisted ashore and congratulated by many great, enthusiastic BaySwim volunteers.

·         BaySwimmers will exit the water via one of four ladders attached to the finish floating dock.

·         After ascending the ladder, walk directly across the dock to the EYC grounds.

·         Importantly, each BaySwimmer’s responsibility is to

1. report his/her assigned number to officials @ the finish so all swimmers can be counted out and accounted for

2.  make sure your number is recorded. Then,

·         Congratulate yourself!  Wrap yourself in your well-earned BaySwim 2017 towel!

·         Enjoy complimentary post-swim beverages / light snacks provided @ the EYC Lighthouse.

·         Locate your post-swim clothing bag that will be placed in the marked BAGGAGE PICK-UP white trailer.

·         Use designated BaySwim rest rooms for clothes changing as needed.

·         Enjoy the breakfast buffet in the EYC Clubhouse. ($8.00/pp. payable @ the door.)

·         Pick up the e shuttle bus to return to PISP, Beach 1 parking area.  Last bus leaves @ 12 Noon.  Remember:  Those planning to take the last shuttle need to be @ the pick up area no later that 11:55 AM.

·         Enjoy the rest of what hopefully will be a great day for everyone!

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